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Fruit Loop Cookie Wax Melts

Fruit Loop Cookie Wax Melts

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These adorable, cookie-shaped wax melts will fill your home with an amazing aroma of the classic fruit loop flavor. Add a bit of nostalgia to any room with a few of these scented melts - a unique way to get the delicious smell of your favorite breakfast cereal.

SCENT: Fruit loops

Notes of citrus, cherry, orange, sandalwood & vanilla

- Made with all natural soy wax & beeswax 

- Phthalate-free

- 7 oz full size (4 cookies)

- 1.7 oz sample size (1 cookie)

Immerse your senses in a symphony of delectable fragrances with our irresistible dessert-inspired wax melts. Prepare to be delighted as these exquisite melts seamlessly blend the art of scent and aesthetics, creating an ambiance that is as visually enticing as it is fragrantly enchanting.

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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Smith

The scent of these are so mouthwatering. I wanted to eat them lol. They smell like a bowl of fruit loops. It took over my whole house. I will definitely be buying more & more & more.

Loved it!!!!

I bought these treats as a birthday gift for my goddaughter. SHE LOVED THEM!!!!

Best things I’ve tried

I’m really happy with her company. I have half of a rice crispy melt in my warmer currently and my whole salon smells like fruit loops. I’ve gotten many compliments from clients. The smell is not overpowering, just the perfect amount. I was using Scentsy but it was too strong and gave me a headache. These don’t. Such a welcoming scent and she gives a nice amount and she’s very affordable! I have another order coming in the mail. Will be a continued customer!